The token name is AICA (Aika), the issue date is February 2019 (scheduled for hard fork after cloud sale)

Ai ○ ○ (unit of legal currency name is included in ○○) linked with the currency unit AICA (Aika) and the statutory currency of each country, total token supply amount is 1,000,000,000AICA

Breakdown of 1 billion yen is 500 million AICA for ICO and 500 million AICA for which is newly issued based on issuance rules

The way to use procured funds at ICO is 20% social labor cost, 20% personnel expenses, 10% advertisement expenses, 40% system development expenses, and 10% working capital.

The newly issued portion of 500 million AICA will be issued to enterprising companies of the business association.

For details, please see the white paper.

AICA bank


Why is overseas remittance time consuming and fee high in the age of the Internet? In addition, although a tool called virtual currency came out, price fluctuation was large and usability was bad, which is also inconvenient.

The virtual currency fixed in the statutory currency without fluctuating range solved the problem of price fluctuation, but how to keep value? A new problem arises. If it is a virtual currency to be pegged with collateral as deposit of bank account such as deposit it is a mechanism which can not escape from the centralization of banks.

Internet banks, debit cards, corporate point system etc are just changed to the name virtual currency.

AICA will create a hybrid virtual currency that solves all the above problems.



The ultimate form of an easy-to-use virtual currency is the virtual currency that the labor side wants for payroll payment.

In order to realize a virtual currency that can be paid by salary, it is easy to understand easily that 1 yen = 1 aien (aien is a unit of AICA at the time of circle peg).
For example, convenience is increased by making Japanese yen pegs like ZEN issued by the Japan Block Chain Association or MUFG coins or J coins to be issued by Japanese banks. However, to peg, you need collateral for the peg currency.
For ZEN, the association always prepares issued zen amounts in yen, MUFG coins and J coins are collateralized with money of their own bank account.

The collateral of AICA depends on the price (value) of the market pric.